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In Davidson County, the offices of the Tax Assessor and the Tax Collector are combined under one title, Tax Administrator. The Tax Department is responsible for mapping, listing, appraising, and assessing real and personal property, and for collecting taxes due on that property. The Tax Department also processes applications for tax relief and tax exemptions, as well as land use deferment applications that may be granted under State law. In the very near future, some or all of these applications may be retrieved via Internet access.

Davidson County Tax Department Online Payment

Is located in the Governmental Building, 913 Greensboro St., Lexington, N.C. Our hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. This allows the citizens of Davidson County fifty-five hours per week to conduct business. Collection offices are also located at the

Denton Tax Office
201 West Salisbury Street
Denton, NC 27239

(At this satellite location, only payment of taxes can be made.)

Visitors can also access GIS Mapping Data and property information for over 88,000 parcels in Davidson County.

If you did not receive a revaluation notice and you want to appeal the value, we have the form online that you can download. Click on the appraisers section to download the form. Our office also allows credit card payments which can be completed on line or by phone.

Each December, the Tax Department mails out forms for the listing of personal property to all taxpayers who listed the previous year or to whoever requests a form. These forms must be completed and returned to the Tax Department during the month of January. Tax Department employees are on hand during January to assist in this listing process.

In the late spring, after the Board of County Commissioners establishes the tax rate for the coming fiscal year, taxes due are computed on the basis of real and personal property owned. Tax notices are printed and mailed to property owners in July of each year. Discounts are given for early payment of taxes in the months of July and August. All real and personal property tax bills (excluding registered motor vehicles) are due September 1st of each year. Motor vehicle tax bills are processed and mailed monthly based on when the registration was purchased or renewed. After January 5th, interest accrues on any real and personal property tax bills not paid.

State law provides for a reduction of property taxes for certain qualified taxpayers 65 years of age or older, and for citizens who are totally and permanently disabled. Further information about this exemption and application forms may be obtained from the Tax Department.

Real property located in Davidson County is revalued at least once every eight years as per North Carolina General Statutes. This revaluation may occur more often than that as needed and approved by the Board of Commissioners. This revaluation procedure allows the Tax Department to adjust the appraised value of real estate to reflect the property's true market value in light of changing real estate market conditions. The most recent revaluation in Davidson County occurred in 2015.