Channel 13


10 Salem Street, Thomasville NC | (336) 475-4234

Thomasville Channel 13 is located inside City Hall, on the second floor of the main building beside the Finance Department. Channel 13 objectives are to expand community awareness of local government and its decision-making processes, widen the dissemination of information on the activities of the legislative and advisory bodies of the City of Thomasville, to provide comprehensive information about programs and services offered to Thomasville and residents by City departments, and to provide information pertinent to Thomasville residents from other local, state, and federal governmental entities.

Government Access Programming ~ The term “government access programming” shall mean any live cablecast, tape-delayed cablecast, pre-produced, interactive information, or outside-originated programming designed to provide the Thomasville Channel 13 viewing area with timely, accurate, and complete government information.

Live Broadcast consists of monthly Council Meetings and Memorial Day Parade.


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