Sanitation Division

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The purpose of the Sanitation Division is to serve the citizens of Thomasville in helping maintain a clean environment by the collection and disposal of solid wastes in the most economic, efficient, and safest way possible, with the highest viable level of service.

It is the City's policy to require every property (other than vacant property) to have sanitation services. Residential, office, and institutional properties are provided services by the City. Commercial and Industrial properties must contract with a private hauler.

Keeping the City clean of rubbish and trash is a community responsibility that we ask citizens to participate in by participating in the city recycling program, volunteering in community litter collection projects, keeping yards and vacant lots mowed and free of litter, and removing carts within 24 hours after pick-up. For specific policies see below. 

Garbage and Recycling Containers 

The City requires that the owner of the property provide a City-approved waste container. Containers may be purchased from the City at cost (Currently $52, price may change). The container is warranted for ten years from usual wear and tear. The City will replace lids and wheels at no charge. To make a request for repair or warranty question please call (336) 475-4239. Below are general policies. The City Ordinance that governs sanitation services is here. The City will provide a recycling container at no cost to the customer.

A list of streets and when services are provided can be seen here.

Seasonal loose leaf collection policy

Loose leaves are collected via vacuum trucks beginning in early November through the end of January. Collection is made on an on-going basis, with each street receiving multiple passes to insure ample opportunity for citizens to get leaves to the street for pick-up. Leaves should be placed in their own piles behind the curb line or along the ditch line. DO NOT place any other materials with the leaves including branches, rocks, and other landscaping materials for they may damage the equipment and delay pick-up for everyone. If you have questions regarding pick-up please call the Sanitation Department at 336-475-5547.

Sanitation Division Policies

I. Garbage, normal household refuse put in a garbage can: paper, food waste, etc.

A. Collected once a week.
B. Residential locations can have up to 2 carts. Institutions & offices can have up to three carts. Must be at curb or side of office.
C. Residential roll out cart must be at the curb before 7:00 a.m. on the collection day. Roll out cart must be removed from the curb by 7:00 a.m. the following day.
D. All medical waste from residential units must be in a red plastic bag. Hypodermic needles must be in a proper container such as a "Sharp's Collector" box.
E. Place your container behind the curb with the wheels against the back of curb or one (1) foot off the edge of pavement on shoulder.
F. Place your container at least 10 feet away from mailboxes, vehicles or shrubbery, etc.

II. Trash refuse collected at the curb.

A. Small piles of boxes, bags, furniture, etc. are picked up once a week, the same day as the garbage collection.

1. We do not collect extensive building material, guttering, or demolition materials, i.e. lumber, roofing, bricks, drywall, etc.

2. Paint cans are picked up only if the lids are off and the residue is dry.

B. Yard waste must be separate from all other trash. It is picked up with a separate truck; small piles are picked up the same day as the garbage collection.

1. Large piles of limbs are put on a separate list to be collected as soon as possible.

a. Limbs must be cut 4 or 5 feet in length and stacked neatly at the curb, with the butt of the limbs facing the road.
b. No stumps or logs are collected.

2. Grass and leaves are to be bagged or boxed up. Loose leaf collection usually begins in early November and ends in early February. DO NOT PLACE OTHER MATERIALS IN LOOSE LEAF PILES. Other materials will damage the equipment and delay pick-up.

C. White Goods (appliances) and tires are picked up on an as needed basis, usually once a week.

III. Recyclables are picked up once a week from the curb in a recycling bin supplied by the City (see below for more details).

A. Place loose items in the recycling bin after rinsing:

1. Glass jars and bottles, no lids or caps.
2. Beverage and food cans.
3. PET (#1) and HOPE (#2) plastics, no lids or caps.

B. Newspaper must be tied or in a brown grocery bag.

Residential Recycling Program

What items can be placed in the recycle bin? Clear and colored glass, aluminum/steel and beverage cans (rise and remove lids), plastic bottles/jugs*, newspapers, corrugated cardboard, magazines, junk mail, catalogs, computer paper, notebook paper, and phone books. Also, paperboard packaging such as shoe boxes, gift boxes, drink cartons and clean dry food boxes. Cereal boxes without the wax paper or foil liners are acceptable.

*All bottles or jugs marked 1-7 are acceptable (remove caps).

What items are not acceptable for recycling? All of the following are NOT allowed - Food containers (other than specified above); aluminium foil pie plates; aerosol cans or scrap aluminium; ceramics; cookware; china plates, cups, bowls, etc.; drinking glasses; food or liquids; garbage; clothes hangers; light bulbs of any type; light fixtures; paint cans; scrap metal; wire; yard waste; flowerpots of any type; window glass, plate glass or mirror glass; disposable personal hygiene items (diapers, tissue, etc); oil of any type; Styrofoam products of any type (peanuts, packing sheets, coffee cups, etc.); plastic sheeting or bags of any type.