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Criminal Investigations Unit

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The Criminal Investigations Unit is composed of six investigators that are responsible for conducting follow-up investigations of reported offenses. The Criminal Investigations Unit is responsible for investigating all death cases, as well as attempted suicides; all reported robbery offenses, assaults, sex-related offenses, adult missing person cases, and any reports of abuse or exploitation of elderly persons in the cases involving financial crimes, which include forgery, fraud and false pretense.

The Juvenile Services Officer investigates offenses reportedly committed by or against juveniles. This includes arson, all cases of suspected Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and other cases in which the victim is under the age of sixteen years. The Juvenile Services Squad conducts conferences concerning juvenile behavior and forwards reports to juvenile court. The Crime Stoppers Program is also organized within this division.

One of the crime scene investigator's primary responsibilities is responding to crime scenes and providing field support related to evidence collection, processing and crime scene investigations.



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