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Investigative/Support Services Bureau

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The Investigative/Support Services Bureau is commanded by a Deputy Chief of Police who reports directly to the Chief of Police.

The following components of the department are assigned to this bureau:


Training Unit

The Training Unit is responsible for insuring that the members of the Thomasville Police Department possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required of their positions. The unit accomplishes this mission through the development of training programs and promotional processes that prepare employees for greater levels of responsibility throughout the course of their careers. The Training Unit is responsible for implementing training programs that are designed to provide employees with the knowledge they require to perform their jobs. It is also responsible for delivering advanced levels of training which prepare officers to accept additional responsibilities during their careers. In an effort to insure that officers of the Thomasville Police Department are prepared to meet the changing demands and expectations that will occur throughout their careers, the department provides them with ongoing training. This is accomplished through in-service training programs, as well as exposure to outside training that is provided by educational institutions throughout the country. This process of continuous career development is coordinated by the in-service and outside training section.

Selection Process

The selection process, which is continually reviewed and updated, includes a physical agility test, an extensive background investigation, physical examination, drug testing, polygraph examination, oral interviews, and psychological testing for all police applicants.

Career Development

The Career Development Program is designed to broaden the experience of uniformed field personnel through the use of short-term training assignments in specialized units. Career Development also includes voluntary participation in career counseling and career path training programs.

School Liaison

The school liaison section serves as a law enforcement-related resource to Thomasville City Schools. The GREAT officer serves as the School Safety Officer and promotes safety in the elementary school by developing and presenting special programs.

The School Resource Officers (SROs) provide service to middle and high schools in the form of law enforcement, law-related instruction and counseling.

Court Liaison

The court liaison coordinates court appearances between officers and the District Attorney's Office. The liaison promotes and maintains a professional working relationship with the District Attorney’s Office, and keeps court appearances to the minimal time required to prosecute cases successfully.