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Move More Program

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What is Move More Thomasville?

Move More Thomasville is an exercise incentive program for the Thomasville community.  Move More Thomasville is open to anyone regardless of their physical activity level.  The program is self-monitored which means that you will exercise at your convenience.

Many experts believe that as little as 30 minutes a day of moderate physical activity can reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke, and enhance your overall quality of life.

Complete a Move More Thomasville log sheet found here recording 15 or more hours of physical activity in a month. Turn the log sheet in to Thomasville Parks and Recreation at 1 E. Main St. Thomasville, N.C. 27360 by the 5th of the following month. Your name will be entered into the monthly prize drawing for $100.00!


Move More = Physical Activity

Regular physical activity can improve health and reduce risk of premature death in many ways.

  • Reduces risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Lowers blood pressure and increases cardiovascular endurance
  • Helps people achieve and maintain a healthy body weight
  • Builds healthy bones, muscles and joints
  • Helps older adults become stronger and able to move without failing

There are 1,440 minutes everyday...schedule 30 minutes for physical activity.

  • Park the car further away from you destination
  • Play with children or pets
  • Take fitness breaks - walking or doing desk exercises instead of a coffee or cigarette break
  • Exercise with friends

To begin in Move More Thomasville, all you need to do is begin exercising.  You may walk, run, dance, etc. See the long list of activities that qualify below.  You record the amount of time you exercise each day in minutes.  For example, you walked 15 minutes on Monday and on Saturday you rode you bike for 30 minutes.  Simply log your times on the log sheet.

Activities for Move More Thomasville

Any activity that increases you heart rate and you would consider moderate to heavy activity will count towards total hours. The following are some examples of physical activity for Move More Thomasville.

 Walking Running   Cycling
 Tennis Basketball   Soccer
 Lifting Weights  Dancing  Martial Arts
 Aerobics  Swimming  Yard Work
 Hiking  Canoeing  Chopping Wood
 Playground Activity  Skating  Mowing Grass (Push Mower)


A Note of Caution -  Before beginning any exercise program, it is important to check with your physician.