Council & Committee Agendas

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City Council holds a Briefing Meeting and Regular Meeting in addition to the following Council Committees - Personnel & Finance, Public Safety, Public Services, Real Estate, and Transportation. Click on the links below to open the agendas. Contact the City Clerk for agendas older than 2 months. NOTE: Council Committees do not meet every month.

  Click here to see the 2019 Council Meeting Dates AND Mayor Pro Tem of the month.

City Council Regular Meeting
City Council Sub-Committee Meetings
03-18-19 Council Meeting Agenda Transporation Committee Agenda 03-05-19
02-18-19 Council Meeting Agenda
Public Services Agenda 03-05-19
  Real Estate Committee Meeting Agenda 03-05-19
City Council Briefing Meeting
Personnel Finance Agenda 03-05-19
03-11-19 Briefing Agenda Public Safety Agenda 03-05-19
02-11-19 Briefing Agenda
Personnel Finance Agenda 02-05-19
  Public Safety Agenda 02-05 19
 RETREAT Council Retreat Agenda 02-02-19 Real Estate Committee Meeting Agenda 02-05-19


City-Appointed Committees. NOTE: Not every committee meets every month. Meeting locations are listed on the agenda. For more information about the committees click here.

ABC Board                     
Beautification Commission
ABC Board Agenda 03-19-19 Beautification Agenda 02-21-19
ABC Board Agenda 02-26-19
Beautification Agenda 01-17-19
Cemetery Committee
Chair City Multicultural Committee
Cemetery Agenda 7-21-18
Multicultural Committee Agenda 02-21-19
Cemetery Agenda 10-14-17
Multicultural Committee Agenda 01-24-19
Historic Preservation Commission Planning & Adjustment Board
HPC Agenda 03-12-19  Planning Board Agenda 02-26-19
(No February Meeting) (No January meeting)
HPC 01-08-19 Agenda
Planning Board Agenda 12-18-18

Recreation Commission TCS School Board
Recreation Committee Agenda 03-05-19 Feb.'19   
Recreation Committee Agenda 02-05-19 Jan.'19
Winding Creek Golf Course Advisory Committee Thomasville Tourism Commission
Golf Advisory agenda 03-11-19 Tourism Agenda 02-26-19
Golf Advisory agenda 02-11-19 Tourism Agenda - Jan 22, 2019