City Offices will be closed Monday, July 6th for the Independence Day Holiday. Solid waste collection will be on a modified schedule the week of July 6 - 10. Follow this link for details.


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In Thomasville, the Mayor and City Council serve part-time and are elected on a non-partisan basis. Under the council-manager form of government, the City Council acts as the legislative body in establishing policy and law, and the City Manager handles the day-to-day management of the City organization. The Mayor is elected at-large (city wide) for a two-year term and serves as the presiding officer at City Council meetings and as the official head of the City for ceremonial purposes. The seven City Council Members are elected at-large for two-year terms. The City Council hires a professional City Manager, who serves as the Council’s chief advisor, and the City Manager hires the employees of the City.

As it takes all of these actions—among others—the City Council must act as a collective body. The City has a legal existence separate from its residents; the City Council is a body separate from its members. The members may act as the City Council only when properly convened in a legal meeting. An individual member may not act on the Council's behalf without specific authorization from the Council. Moreover, a majority of the entire membership may act on the Council's behalf only at a meeting of the Council called and held pursuant to law. (Adopted from County and Municipal Government in N.C., UNC School of Government)

The City Manager is the CEO of the City government and is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the City. When the City Council makes a decision on an ordinance, law, or policy, the City Manager is responsible for implementing those policies. The City Manager coordinates the operations of all City departments and is responsible for the preparation of a proposed operating budget and its presentation to the City Council. This annual budget, as adopted by City Council, provides funding, staffing, and general guidance to the City departments for the fiscal year.