Streets Division


The Streets Division is responsible for paving, maintaining, and patching city streets, sidewalks and rights-of-way. This includes street cleaning and mowing, and clearing debris from storm drains, drainage ditches and pipes.

A portion of the funding for street paving and maintenance is from State-shared revenues called "Powell Bill" funding. The City receives approximately $700,000 annually, which is used to fund street paving and a portion of the salaries of the Streets Division. Other funding comes from the General Fund of the City. Each year, the City Council approves a list of streets for paving based on recommendations from the Public Works Director and City Manager. The recommendations are made by inspecting the quality of the city streets based on criteria that include the number and depth of cracks and potholes, number and size of patches, ruts, and general ride-ability, and age of materials. The Fiscal Year 2019 paving list and map are below. A map of all streets that have been paved since 2010 is also below.

2019 Approved Street Paving List

2019 Street Resurfacing Map - Right click on map and open in new window for larger version.

2010 - 2018 Street Resurfacing Map - Right click on map to open in new window for larger version.