Yard Debris Services


The City picks up yard waste that is generated from the property where it grew (or fell) and is created by the owner or person responsible for the property. The City will not pickup materials generated by a contractor or third party. This includes land clearing, tree cutting, tree pruning and cleaning up of vacated or abandoned property. This is the responsibility of the contractor, homeowner, property owner, or resident to remove. 

Please adhere to the following:

 1. Small piles of brush/limbs are generally picked up on the same day as your garbage collection. 

2. Large piles of brush/limbs, no larger than 5 cubic yards (4 ft. wide by 4 ft. high by 8 ft. long), are put on a separate list to be collected as soon as possible, you may call in large piles at (336) 475-5547. Piles larger than 5 cubic yards are the responsibility of the owner or person in control of the property.

a. Limbs must be cut 4 or 5 feet in length and stacked neatly at the curb, with the butt of the limbs facing the road, this helps the grapple truck to be able to pickup each pile.
b. No stumps or logs are collected.

3. Grass should be bagged or placed in a can for ease of pickup. During the loose leaf collection period, grass may be placed with loose leaves for vacuuming.

4. Seasonal Loose leaf collection begins in early November and generally runs into February. Exact dates will be advertised on the City website and through other media. Collection is made on an ongoing basis with special vacuum trucks. Each street receives multiple passes to insure ample opportunity for citizens to get leaves to the street for pickup. Leaves should be placed in their own piles behind the curb line or along the ditch line . Do not place other materials (limbs, brush, rocks, dirt, trash, etc.) in the same pile as leaves or grass. If you have questions regarding pick up, please call the Sanitation Department at 336-475-5547.

 There are times that due to significant weather events these rules may be relaxed. If this happens information will be posted on our website and through media outlets to make the community aware of the temporary changes.