Educational Internship Program

Educational Internship Program

badge patch comboThe Educational Internship Program for the Thomasville Police Department has been established to allow selected students from recognized colleges and universities, who are pursuing a degree in the field of Criminal Justice, an opportunity to experience and observe the day-to-day operations and functions of the Thomasville Police Department, while also fulfilling academic requirements
. The Personnel/Training Division coordinates the activities of the Educational Internship Program, which prepares prospective applicants an opportunity to observe and apply various learned theories and concepts, as it relates to the field of policing.

Selection Criteria:

In order to participate in the Thomasville Police Department's Educational Internship Program, the student must meet the following criteria:
1.  Be enrolled in an accredited college or university;
2.  Present a letter of intent from the college/university that they are eligible to enroll in an internship program;
3.  Be in good academic standing;
4.  Provide satisfactory proof of student medical/health insurance prior to the internship;
5.  Meet all the goals and objectives and work/credit requirements mandated by the institution;
6.  Be of good moral character;
7.  Successfully pass a background investigation and not have committed or been convicted of a felony or a crime for which the punishment could have been imprisonment for more than two years; or have on his or her record a series of convictions of a lesser nature which, taken as a whole, indicates a continuing disregard or disrespect of law and regulations.; and
8.  Accurately and truthfully, complete all applicable applications and forms including sign the Indemnification Agreement and the Liability Waiver Form.

General Information:

Interns participating in the Thomasville Police Department’s Educational Internship Program are required to adhere to the set schedule established by the Internship Coordinator. Interns are not considered employees of the Thomasville Police Department or the City of Thomasville and shall have no right to such typical employee benefits from the Thomasville Police Department or the City of Thomasville as wages, retirement pay, sick leave, paid vacation, workmen’s compensation, or any other benefits or compensation generally associated with the employer/employee relationship.

pplicants interested in an internship with the Thomasville Police Department should contact the Personnel/Training Division at 336-475-4265 or via email.

Download and Complete:

Internship Application

After completing the application, be sure to sign where indicated and mail or deliver in person to:

Thomasville Police Department
(Attention:  Internship Coordinator)
Personnel/Training Division
250 W. Main St.,
Thomasville, NC 27360