Operations Division


The Operations Division is the largest division of the Thomasville Fire Department. There are currently 57 personnel assigned to this division that rotate working twenty-four (24) hour shifts. All the fire stations are staffed on a 24-hour basis, 365 days per year, making up three shifts. All personnel in the Operations division are certified as North Carolina Firefighters and most are either North Carolina Emergency Medical Technicians or Emergency Medical Responders. Operations Division personnel work an average of ten 24-hour shifts and have anywhere from 24 to 96 hours off between shifts.

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Personnel assigned to the Operations Division are currently staffing:

  • Seven (7) front line emergency vehicles
    • 3 Engines
    • 2 Ladders
    • 1 Rescue
    • 1 Command SUV

They respond from four (4) fire stations strategically located throughout the city.

TFD Radio Call Signs

Daily Duties
There is no shortage of work for Operations personnel. Their days consist of performing:

  • Emergency Response
  • Building familiarization
  • Hours of required training to maintain certifications
  • Station and apparatus maintenance

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